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Silk Whitia Highly-Concentrated Collagen Hydrating Mask



The collagen hydrating mask provides the skin of the face with instant moisture and nourishment. Ideal for all skin types.

I find the statement ‘Ideal for all skin types’ a little confusing as it later says ‘Do not apply on sensitive skin’. Hmmm….??? I still went ahead since I didn’t have any skin irritation issues with previous Silk Whitia Masks.


Place the hydrating mask onto cleansed skin and leave it on for about 15 to 20 minutes, then remove and rinse face with water. Use daily for best results.


N.M.F. nature moisturizing factor, V-E, V-C, Hydrolipid matrix, stearic acid, Propylene glycol, Glyceryl monostearate.

What’s N.M.F.? I did a search and it says that…

Natural Moisturizing Factors are a group of compounds found in the corneocytes – cells in the stratum corneum, the top layer of the epidermis. These compounds are water-soluble and act as humectants that helps the stratum corneum stay hydrated, and assist in maintaining the skin’s barrier properties. NMFs make up an expansive group of ingredients that include amino acids, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, cholesterol, fatty acids, triglycerides, phospholipids, glycosphingolipids, urea, linoleic acid, glycosaminoglycans, glycerin, mucopolysaccharide, and sodium PCA (pyrrolidone carboxylic acid).

Information obtained from:,, Susan’s blog

I’m not sure which NMFs are used in this case as it doesn’t specify the individual components. V-E is most probably Vitamin E and V-C is Vitamin C.

What about hydrolipid matrix? I wasn’t able to gather much information about this except that a certain hydrolipid matrix is used in Artistry products which helps to maintain optimum moisture balance, and the protective layer of hydrolipid film on our skin is also known as the acid mantle.

The other ingredients are less interesting so I shall move on…

Oh wait, I just realised there isn’t ‘collagen’ in the ingredient list. It’s probably part of the hydrolipid matrix?? Hmmm…

Anyways, the experience with this mask was rather pleasant other than the poor fit, as with the previous Silk Whitia masks.

Here’s a comparison between Face Q and Silk Whitia masks

Face Q’s on the LEFT.  Silk Whitia’s on the RIGHT.


Lightly scented

Well-soaked with essence

Gentle enough on my sensitive skin

Skin feels sufficiently hydrated until the next morning!


Poor fit. A bit too wide at the sides. I made 2 slits on mask to make the hole for the lips bigger, so, yeah! No essence-tasting session this time.

2 new pimples popped up the next day which were situated at weird places – one on the hairline and the other near my temple. I’m not sure if it’s due to the mask as I’ve rinsed off the essence as instructed.

Overall, I’ll give this a 3.5/5


I guess I’ll probably repurchase this as I like how it kept my skin hydrated. Then again, I’ll have to monitor and see if this mask is really the cause for those lil’ zits.


Quick Review:Silk Whitia Whitening and Moisturizing Mask


I have no idea but this Silk Whitia mask smells like towelettes too?? It was also soaked with essence and I nearly got it in my eye this time. Anyways, I was glad that this mask didn’t irritate my skin too although it says that it is not to be used on sensitive skin.

Results: Skin felt supple after use. BUT… I thought it wasn’t hydrating for a moisturizing mask. There wasn’t any significant whitening too. If I had to choose between this and the Anti-Oxidation Whitening Mask. I would definitely go for the Anti-Oxidation Whitening Mask.


Nope. I like it that it does not irritate my skin but I don’t think it works well as a dual effect mask.

Silk Whitia Anti-Oxidation Whitening Mask


Yes, I’ve read so much about it and I finally got a few Silk Whitia masks while Sasa was having 50% off some months back.

no-nonsense, clinical-looking pack of mask


The first thing that came to my mind when I took a whiff of it? TOWELETTES. Yes, those that are provided in Chinese restaurants. It wasn’t that overpowering though…

Mask Texture

The mask was about 2 times thicker than My Scheming Beauty’s, and My Beauty Diary’s.

Soaked-full of essence!! Essence was dripping from the mask when I took it out of the packet. However, the mask was found to be soaked unevenly as the essence was dripping from the sides of the mask but the forehead area felt a little dry.


No good. The fit wasn’t good for me cuz erm, my face is kinda erm…, longer than average. :X  It fell short of about 1cm at my forehead and the mask was too wide. It went beyond my hairline at the side. One thing that I really dislike about the cut of the mask is that the area covering the area between the nose and upper lip was too BROAD. It covered my upper lip too! Eeks…I dun know about you ladies, but I’m really paranoid about tasting and swallowing the essence from the mask! ><

On the whole…

This is the first whitening sheet mask that I’ve ever used and I’m glad that it didn’t irritate my skin although it contains Vitamin C and smelled like towelettes. Results wise, I would say that my skin did become a little brighter, not very significant though.

My skin also felt more supple but this mask isn’t hydrating enough. Although some people do not like to wash off the essence but I do! I always splash my face with water after every masking even though other masks require you to pat in the excess essence. So I don’t really mind that extra step required for this mask! 🙂



P.S. I know I said that I was inclined towards clean and green skincare but err… I haven’t found a suitable alternative to sheet masks… :X