This Week I Read / 7


Just found this awesome art blog by Geninne! It’s really inspiring to read her posts. Do check out her hand carved stamps tutorial HERE! I can see myself walking into ArtFriend one of these days. *grins*

Up for some baking again this weekend? Here’s one of my fave recipe for Japanese Souffle Cheesecake cooked up by Evan’s Kitchen. It’s making me drool just by typing the name…Ooo…Soft souffle!!

Are you into essential oils lately, or simply want to find out more about essential oils? Crunchy Betty lists down ‘21 Things You Should Know About Using Essential Oils‘ Alright, I’m so gonna expand my essential oil collection.

For those who are still skeptical about the semicolon, I shall end with this post where The Oatmeal teaches you ‘How to use a semicolon‘. GAH. It definitely helped me quite a bit!

Yup. What about some of your interesting reads for the week?

Have an enjoyable weekend!


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