It’s B-R-T-C Gold Caviar BB Cream!


I wasn’t at all enticed by caviar until after watching Jen’s video, when I decided that I should try some on my face too. Great idea?

As usual, I went to get samples from first …

If you’re wondering, I’ve previously tried and reviewed 2 other BRTC BB creams HERE. My experience with BRTC hasn’t been exactly pleasant so I wasn’t really expecting much from this. All I wished for was that it won’t cause my face to itch. Now after trying it, I can say that I’m well-pleased… On to the review!

I’ll begin with a swatch of it against my fav ElishaCoy Gold Mineral BB.

Freshly applied…

  (From Left -> Right: ElishaCoy Gold Mineral BB, BRTC Gold Caviar BB)

About an hour later…

(From Left -> Right: ElishaCoy Gold Mineral BB, BRTC Gold Caviar BB)

What I like about it?

Doesn’t irritate my skin.

Neither does it cause any breakouts for me, although I’ve read about bloggers breaking out with this BB cream.

Has moisturising properties which is good for my dehydrated skin. I love the dewy finish that it gives!

Medium coverage. It was able to cover my dark circles pretty well.

Although it might seem darker, it was actually a good match for my skin tone. It also imparts this healthy glow on my face.

The texture was slightly thicker than the usual BB creams, but it was easier to spread than the other 2 BRTC BB creams.

As it can be seen by comparing the 2 photos above, this BB cream doesn’t really oxidize on me to give weird greyish or ashy tones.


Not much oil-control. Hence, those with oily skin might want to stay away from this.

Might not suit those with fair skin.

Rating: I’ll give this a 4 out of 5, which puts it on par with ElishaCoy’s Premium Gold BB! Finally found another BB cream which is suitable for me 🙂


YES, definitely. Already noted it down with lotsa asterisk on my pending Gmarket shopping list. *grins*

BRTC has actually upgraded this to a SPF 50 BB cream so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’ll be as good, if not, better than the SPF 20.

For more information, you might wanna visit the BRTC Store HERE

P.S. I just realised that this is given a rating of 4.6 out of 5 on MakeUpAlley!


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  1. Hi, Liz, I used BB cream too, but the one I am using is from Skinfood. I’ve heard many positive comments about BRTC BB cream, so it’s definitely something I would like to try in the future. But the main problem I find is, most of the time, I can’t find a tint that matches my face and neck color, and the result can be very embarrassing. Sigh…

    • Hi Amanda, thanks for your comment! I’ve heard raves about Skinfood BB creams too. Which one are you currently using? 🙂
      This Gold Caviar one seems to suit my skintone (unsure of my MAC shade, probably NC 25-ish?) better than the other 2, so if you’re fair, you might wanna try their Jasmine Water BB or the Perfect Recover Balm. I realised that Korean BB Creams tend to give this pinkish tone to the Asian skin with yellow undertone, which can sometimes result in a stark contrast between the colour of our face and neck. I guess I’m one of those with yellow undertones but I haven’t encountered this problem with this BB cream. Or perhaps, I’ve been rather oblivious to the difference. :X

      • The one I’m using is aloe. To tell the truth, I find it’s slightly pinkish for my yellowish skin. PLUS, I must admit that my face and my neck have a slight to medium color difference, because I didn’t care to apply sunscreen until I passed my mid-twenties. Thus, my face and neck end up in different colors. What a shame! I will always have a problem looking for the right bb cream/foundation. But I will keep trying 🙂

  2. I see… Not sure if you’ve tried Japanese BB creams, but I heard that it suits the yellow Asian skin better than Korean BB creams. So I would be giving it a go one of these days.
    Oh, and here’s a post which I thought was rather informative in finding BB creams for darker/yellow skin:

    Hope the link will be of help to you in finding the right BB cream! 🙂

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