This Week I Read / 5


Sesame of Viva Woman shares another DIY Beauty using rice powder HERE

Want to be more eco-friendly? Cassandra shares with you 18 ideas for reducing waste. I’m glad that I’m already practicing some of them! 🙂

I’m finally done with Science, Sense And Nonsense by Dr. Joe Schwarcz where he uses science to differentiate between sense and nonsense. For example, the story about the infamous Creme de la Mer, why organic isn’t always better, why polystyrene might be more eco-friendly than paper products, and many other thought-provoking commentaries. Am looking forward to reading the rest of his books!

I don’t paint my nails but I think newspaper nails are soOO COOL! Here’s how to get them done without the use of alcohol:


Another one for comic strips! This one requires alcohol though… GAH! Can I have ‘Chew On It’ on my nails too??!

Have a great week ahead! 🙂


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