So long…



How’s everyone doing?

I know I have been away for quite awhile and I just wanna thank you readers out there who still visit my humble blog every now and then. Took a break from my blog and I hope that I’ll be more consistent in updating from now on.

So, what was I doing during this period?

Well, I indulged in lotsa dramas (esp. Korean ones), variety shows, and movies. Yes, I have a movie recommendation! It’s a Korean movie titled “Late Blossom (그대를 사랑합니다)” which talks about the love story between 2 aged couples. Nothing fanciful, but it was soo sooo touching. The movie was released in 2010 but I don’t recall seeing it showing in cinemas here.

That aside, I’ve also decided to incorporate organic and natural products into my skincare routine since the products which I was using doesn’t seem to go well with my skin. I just did a new batch of Vit C Serum using Vivi’s updated recipe and I’ll be reporting back soon!

Also, I’m kinda into DIY homemade beauty lately which led me to this Kassy’s recipe that claims to work the same, if not better, than Skinceuticals C+E+Ferulic serum.

Here’s the recipe:

15% Vitamin C, E + FA Serum with Jojoba

1 tsp L-Ascorbic Acid
1 tsp Sea Kelp Bioferment
1 tsp Jojoba Oil
3 tsp H2O
1/4 tsp Ferulic Acid
1/4 tsp Vitamin E Oil
1/4 tsp Vodka or Witch Hazel (vodka is best and purest though.)

taken from:

You might wanna check out the other interesting DIY recipes on the forum!

I was seriously gonna try the recipe if it works like the one from Skinceuticals! BUT.. Sea Kelp Bioferment doesn’t seem to be available in Singapore. I’ve searched MilagroTrading but they don’t sell them. Sigh. I only saw them on Lotioncrafter, Bulkactives and Skin Actives, where shipping can be quite expensive. Guess I’ll have to put this recipe away for awhile as I’m on a very tight budget right now.

Do let me know if you are aware of any other local stores that sells ingredients for DIY skincare!


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  1. Ah! I haven’t created any Vit C serum for 2 months or so and my pigmentations seem to be darkening again. :S

    Anyway, I tried the recipe mentioned above. I used another oil though since Jojoba is quite thick. Some words of advice: whip, mix and mix again the snot out of it because the ingredients take ages to blend. My first batch ended up like curd. At some point you’ll think it’s already fully blended but it’s not! And yes, such a pity that SKB isn’t available at any of the cheaper (in terms of courier charges) online store. I read some people tried aloe vera although I haven’t tried it myself.

  2. Yes! I noticed that my skin looks duller on non-Vit-C-serum days!
    Thanks for the advice! I guess I’ll try with aloe vera first and hopefully end up with something decent. Hee!
    Btw, did this work better for you than the Vit C+E serum that you posted a while ago?

    • I’m really not sure… ’cause you see, the solution turned out to be so unappealing–it’s like curd. :S So I tend to be lazy in applying it. I’m gonna give it another go then I’ll see how it goes. It’s also quite troublesome to make so I haven’t tried making another batch after the first one failed.

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