Quick Review: Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask


Got some samples of these for my 1st Gmarket Haul as the Innisfree products weren’t available for international shipping.

As the name suggests, this clay mask is made from the volcanic materials (Scoria) from Jeju Island (really beautiful place!). It absorbs sebum and cleanses pores. What’s more, it is DOES NOT contain artificial perfumes,artificial pigments, paraben, benzophenone, ethanol, animal base materials, mineral oils.

Sounds really good!!

So, here’s my experience.

Thumbs up:

-I was impressed by how easy it was to spread on the face.

-Most clay masks and mud masks also tend crack when they dry but I’ve never experienced any of that with this mask.

-There was a slight feeling of skin tightening but it wasn’t that uncomfortable compared to the usual clay masks.

-This was also easy to wash off with lukewarm water.

Thumbs down:

-I was hoping this mask would do something better the usual clay masks but I was kinda disappointed after washing off the mask. I didn’t see any visible difference to my skin.

-It doesn’t make it smoother. The surface of my skin felt as uneven as before.

-Nor does it make my skin more supple.

-No pore tightening.

-No noticeable skin brightening.

Thoughts about it:

Then again, I would say that this was definitely worth a try because there were so many positive reviews on it. I’m glad to have tried and concluded that this isn’t for me.

There’s another powder version to it where you get to mix it with toners, etc, to make your own clay mask. This is said to give a stronger pore-tightening effect. Should I try that too??


Oh wells, I think I’ll just go back to my reliable Morrocan Rhassoul Clay Mask if I ever need to “detoxify” my face.


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