Facial – a first time experience.


***Warning: This is a really LENGTHY and WORDY post***

BigDeal.Sg was having this  “120min Customized 1-to-1 Makeup & Hands On Practice + MENTSU Face Therapy + Eyebrow Shaping + Assorted Gift Set @ $38 only” promotion sometime back.

Well, I have never had a facial done before and my makeup skills were still quite raw (i still can’t line my eyes properly!), which explains why I have never posted any FOTDs or EOTDs to date. So I caved in when I saw this promotion. I did some research on MENTSU and found out that it’s a Japanese-inspired beauty salon which uses individually packed products (Thumbs up for hygiene!) for your facial needs. woah! I couldn’t find much reviews on it. Hence, I decided to write this review. Anyways, I paid the SGD 38.00, a 83% discount from their original value of SGD 215.00. GOOD DEAL HUH? Well, I thought it was.

Made an appointment, and went for the facial cum makeup session sometime last week. Before I continue, I just wanna say that making appointment was a breeze for me. I thought I would have to book a week in advance but I was able to make an appt for 2 days later.

So I reached on time and was ushered into a room at the side of the salon. The lights were dim. I was asked to fill in this form and then this lady came and attended to me. Looked at my skin for a while and then told me that I have some freckles (?? I thought they were just some pimple spots which were clearing up?), enlarged pores and dehydrated skin (okay, yes). And then she concluded that I have combination skin. I dun wanna doubt these trained beauty advisers but I believe oily yet dehydrated skin is different from combination skin??

Anyways, she recommended some products to use for my facial which weren’t included in the promotion I paid for. All are for one-time use only.

“The ampoules were $38, mask sheets were $12, whitening cream was $5, sunblock was $4”.

The lady even introduced this hydrating serum (more concentrated than ampoule) which I didn’t check out the price.

Okay, I’m not thick-skinned enough to turn her down so I took one ampoule, mask sheet, the cream and sunblock for an additional $66 on top of the $38 which I’ve paid!! For better penetration into 6 layers of your skin, the lady said. I felt kinda cheated at that moment but then if I can see good results after that, I won’t feel that sore.

(Photo credit: ameliakindness-heart.blogspot.com)

After the consultation, I was led to this small room for my facial which surprisingly didn’t make me feel claustrophobic. Everything was going on well with the natural-smelling products until it was time for steaming. I seem to be gasping for air because all I was breathing in was water vapour?  So I kinda shifted my face a little to the best position where I could get more air. Okay okay, noob. I know. The lady came back after wad seemed to be like gazillion years to me, and proceeded with extraction. Grrrr.. I was also gasping for air when she was doing extraction on the sides of my nose.

After that was eyebrow trimming, toning and then the application of THE ampoule,mask, whitening cream and sunblock. While I was at my masking session, I could hear the other staff talking outside??

thumbs down to that.



Alright, I was led then to another room for the make-up session after the facial.

I stared into the mirror and didn’t see any difference in my skin while the lady said that it looks fairer. It did look more hydrated though, but I could have attained using a normal hydration mask. BLAH.

Alright, I’ll sum up this make-up part by saying that the lady wasn’t really good at makeup cuz she dabbed the concealer ALL over my face and didn’t blend it well with the concealer brush. I could see obvious streaks of brush marks on my nose?? I thought the lady was gonna blend it again before dusting on the foundation but NAH. It was still visible after the make-up was ‘done’. I could also see the concealer creasing at my eyes. Fortunately, I brought along Biore removal wipes that day.

At the end, I was given a “Gift Set” as a little consolation. Okay, the gift set was actually stated in the promotion.

Yup! That kind of sums up my not so pleasant first facial experience and I’m done with my ranting. Hee!

Now, how about some sharing on your first facial experience?


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