Have you eaten your kimchi?


Okay, another quirky title, another post totally unrelated to skincare.

SO I came across this interesting blog –> www.eatyourkimchi.com  about a month ago and I totally enjoyed the videos.

And so, I thought I should share this with you guys.

The blog is ran by this awesome Canadian couple – Simon and Martina who went to Korea to teach English back in 2008. Simon then went on to become a full-time blogger while Martina is still teaching at a high school.

Alright. What is so interesting then?

They actually do videos about their life in Korea, how they integrate into the society, and some KPOP! Yay to their Music Mondays! I particularly like their weekly Wonderful Treasure Find aka WTF (definitely pun intended) series where they’ll introduce a wierd product that they’ve discovered in Korea. Btw, they’ve also been interviewed on Arirang!

Argh…I think I’m making this sound really cliched. But if you wanna know more about how it is like to live in Korea, or wanna know some wierd products in Korea,  or preparing to go to Korea, or just excited about everything Korean (that’s me!) , do check out their blog! 🙂


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