Gmarket Spree, anyone?


Sorry! I’ve been ignoring this blog for a while. Ha!

Alright. So I’ve been enjoying hauling from Gmarket and then it suddenly struck me that maybe I could organise a Gmarket spree for readers residing in Singapore??

What do you think?

I don’t know how many of you would actually read this but here are some details.


Exchange rate that I’ll be using, USD 1 = SGD 1.30 (using USD as it’s the currency that is charged to the credit card)

Shipping charges: ~ SGD 7 -8 / KG

Leave me a comment if you’re interested, latest by 30th  April 2011.

Do include the number of items which you’re thinking of getting!

I will collate the comments and come back with the results of the “poll” on 1st May 2011.

This spree will be realized ONLY IF the response is good (i.e., more than 15items or more than USD 150, whichever amount is higher)

Looking forward to your comments!


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    • Hi Berry! Thank you so much for responding but the response wasn’t good. So I won’t be conducting the spree 😦 Really sorry about that!
      I might be hauling from Gmarket again at the end of May or June. Perhaps I could e-mail you to see if you wanna do a co-order? :))

      • Sure!! 😀 Just email me when you decide to get stuff from gmarket and we will work it out. somehow. hopefully. hahah. but i will be unavailable till 24th may cos of exams 😀 just fyi 🙂

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