What’s for today?


The postman came with my 4th Gmarket Haul!

This time, it took quite a while to reach though I didn’t order alot of stuff. Orders were placed on 29th March and were received on 11 April.

It took like 13 days cuz one of the sellers took a week to ship out the stuff. More on that later.

Yes, the long awaited EMS package which was half the size of the usual EMS package.

It’s skincare products AGAIN! Plus a Holika Holika Mascara which I’ve forgotten to include in my previous haul 🙂

Here’s after ‘un-boxing’ all the stuff…

Sorting according to sellers…

From 약박사닷컴 건강식품 , BRTC Enzyme Refining Facial Wash (Item No : 181905714).

From ★자미안★ , Zamian Gold Cocoa Pack (Item No : 188684070).

From 홀리카홀리카 , Holika Holika’s Enamel Magicara Mascara (Item No : 191204412). Does it remind you of Majolica Majorca’s mascaras??

From 거기야 , samples from various brands! (Item No : 194263446).

This was the seller that took a week before dosmetic delivery was made, and 2 of my orders were cancelled. I’ll definitely choose other sellers if I’m gonna purchase samples in future. Btw, if you’ve been watching Invincible Youth, the Cel-Derma Hydrogel Mask was actually used by Yuri in one of the episodes. I hope it’ll do some good hydration to my skin!

Yup. That kinda sums up my not-so-haul haul (does it make sense? Heh). It seems like I’ve been doing a monthly purchase from Gmarket ever since the 1st! It’s just sooo addictive! I’m already thinking of ordering some Spring apparels! oh no! 🙂

p.s. There’s a Holika Holika store at Wisma Atria now! Will Baviphat be the next??


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  1. hello there. I just wanted to ask you if you perhaps knew what it means that some products are highlighted in blue color when one is trying to place the order. I was just thinking since you have made a couple of hauls you would perhaps have an idea of what it is^^

    thank you in advance^^

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