Naruko’s here!


To those residing in Singapore, if you haven’t realised (like me), Niu Er’s skincare line is here!

It was officially launched sometime nearing the end of Feb.

Currently, some products are being sold at Raffles City’s Guardian store (AMPM products), Beaute Spring stores, and at the official Singapore website (has the full range) .

Latest products like the Magnolia range (highly raved on the Taiwan variety show)  and the Apple Seed range isn’t available yet but it should be here within the next 1-2 months?

I can’t seem to access their Taiwan’s official website ( anymore so I’m not able to provide an exact comparison on the prices.

But I would say that the prices I see on are about the same as getting them from the Taiwan’s website after factoring in the shipping and handling costs. As I’ve bought some Naruko stuff sometime back from the Taiwan’s site through Sunnanz and it worked out to be roughly the same.

You might wanna visit these websites for more information:

Naruko Singapore

Naruko Singapore (Description in Chinese)

Naruko Singapore Facebook

I’m still trying to find out the new official Taiwan website where I can get more information on the latest Naruko products. So do let me know if you have the link!

Many thanks!!


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