PRESTIGE crème d’escargot B.B by It’s Skin


Yes, I was supposed to post this last week. But till now, I’m still rather uncertain about this BB cream…

Here’s the review!

PRESTIGE crème d’escargot B.B

A product by It’s Skin! As you might know, their snail cream are selling like hotcakes so I decided to get the BB cream to try it out before deciding if I should get their snail cream since this BB cream contains 21% of snail slime extract. It is said that snail slime extract would help in the healing of damaged skin. Hence reducing skin trouble, freckles, age spots and blemishes.

As it can’t be seen from the picture above, the tube is fitted with a pump which works well to dispense the BB cream.

Comparing the shade to that of ElishaCoy’s…

This escargot BB cream has got SPF 25, PA++ and only comes in one shade. As seen in the swatch, it was a  little darker than my skin. I was afraid that it might make my face dull instead of brightening. However, it blended into the skin well to match my skintone. This is also one of the few BB creams that didn’t make my face itch. Yay to that! This BB cream has a light texture, giving a sheer to medium coverage. You might expect a bit of greasiness on the face, so some loose powder would be good.

But..that is not the end…I do have some complains about this BB cream.

So like, I was rubbing the area around my mouth with wet fingers after application the other day and the BB cream came off! (Just like what happened to the Holika Holika Aqua Petit BB! Did I mention that both of them have a similar scent too??) Feeling curious, I continued to rub the other parts of my face and the similar thing happened! Oh, and it did cause a few bumps on my lower cheek the other day.

As much as I wanted to like this BB cream, I doubt this would be wearable on humid days (it’s almost humid the whole year round here!!) So…sigh.. Or maybe it’s just me?? Since I’ve seen a few good reviews about this BB cream..Hmmm…

I was actually thinking of getting the It’s Skin Snail Cream from Gmarket if this BB cream turned out well…


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