Oh my! It’s the 3rd already??


You might be thinking what’s up with the title?  Heh. It’s another haul from Gmarket! Placed my order on 13th Feb (Sunday) and received it on the 22nd Feb (Tuesday). It was kinda slow this time as the package was already in Singapore on the 18th. I thought my package went missing or something, so I was really glad when it finally came!

I was itching to get some stuff from Gmarket and seeing the cash balance (~70,000 won – includes overpayment of shipping fees and Gmarket cash cert of 50,000 won) in my Gaccount, I decided to embark on another haul!

Alright! Here are the items which I bought! Most of which are beauty products. Not again?

Drum rolls…

Beauty Innovation’s Everyday Moisture Mist (from 토소웅)


Banila Co was having a sale sometime ago, bought this loose powder at 50% off!

Banila Co. let me bebe naked loose powder SPF 17 (from 바닐라코[공식딜러] )


And we have Etude House again! The Petit Bijou bodywash made my skin itch a little but I hope that it’ll get used to it soon as the smell is really lovely! So I bought the Petit Bijou spray this time! From etudegmark.


Suiskin Panacea Program from 더블유코지 wcozy.

I hope it will help my sensitive skin which started to flake recently! Argh!!

Now to the other random items which I bought…

Buying a planner at this time?? Oh well, I’ve been feeling rather insecure without a planner these 2 months, finally decided to get one from 하이델 !


Black skinnies from All Seasons!

That’s all! You would have guessed that the total amount of this haul actually exceeded the amount in my cash balance, so I had to place 2 orders and then request for combined shipment as Gmarket no longer allows the purchase of Gcash to top the amount in your cash balance.

I’m definitely looking forward to the next one as I’ve forgotten to include the mascara from Holika Holika in this haul.. Argh…

Last but not least, congratulations to all who have won the Gmarket February’s blogger contest!

If you’re also intending to use up their cash balance, please make sure that the final amount of your order (which includes shipping) DOES NOT exceed the amount available in your cash balance before choosing to pay via that option. If not, you would not be able to proceed with your order. Meaning, you would have to cancel your order and then re-order again by splitting them where 1 of it is paid by your cash balance, and the rest by other means.


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