THE 2nd Gmarket Haul!


I finally received the long awaited EMS parcel and am finally able to post this 🙂

This time, it took 2 weeks as 1 of the items was out-of-stock and the seller decided to cancel that order after 3 days. Fortunately, I was still able to get that item from another seller, though at a slightly higher price.

Alright, here we go!

Here’s a group picture of the items which I got!

Apologies for not being able to take a good pic of it!

Sorting it out by brands…

Item1. Lollypop pens – 3,900 KRW each from seller 후추통 (excluding the purple leopard one which was OOS at this shop).

In case you’re wondering, I didn’t get these for myself. Heh. They are for my cousin as she was asking me if she should get these pens which were selling at SGD12-14 each at local blogshops. It’s amazing how she found these by googling ‘SNSD lollipop pens’ because I don’t think these pens were endorsed by SNSD…

Anyways, I thought it was quite ridiculous to pay such a price for just a ballpoint pen. So I told her that I’ll get it for her if I manage to find cheaper ones on Gmarket. And INDEED, it was on GMARKET. YAY! And it only came up to about SGD6-7 per pen (including shipping)!

As mentioned, the purple leopard one went out-of-stock, so I bought it from another seller 바보사랑친구 for 4,500 KRW. It costs slightly more but I prefer this seller as the quality is better!

Sitting comfortably in the spacious box...

Item 2. Lollipop pens – 1,300 KRW from seller 쉬크한캐리어

Cute pens! I just had to get them!! heh…

Moving on to the beauty products…

Item3. Elisha Coy Gold Mineral BB Cream – 29,000 KRW  + Elisha Coy Lipgloss – 9,000 KRW from seller 엘리샤코이

I love this seller!! Look at the amount of freebies! The eyeshadow pact is free too! ((:

I’ve tried the Gold Mineral BB sample before and I thought that it was pretty good so I decided to get the full-size. (Reviews will be up soon!)

Item 4. Etude House: Petit Bijou Bodywash (this will make you smell like a baby!) – 8,500 KRW + Apricot Lipgloss in #6 – 3,500 KRW + Blusher in #5 (I think this is the only available shade) – 6,000 KRW  from seller 에뛰드하우스 직영샵

Yes, the black comb is a freebie from the seller which is quite blahh…

Item5. It’s skin: Prestige creme d’escargot BB Cream – 22,000 KRW + Mangowhite Peeling Gel sample – 1,000 KRW each  from 잇츠스킨숍

It’s Skin was finally available on Gmarket! Their snail cream is highly raved and this BB cream is from their snail line too!

I hope The Saem would also be available soon cuz I’m thinking of getting their BB cream and it’s endorsed by Lee Seunggi (am a big fan of his!).

Item6. Dr.MJ Aromatique Marigold Gel – 5,800 KRW from 여시몰

I took a whiff of it and oh…it does live up to its name of an aromatic gel. The scent was a little strong for me. I hope this will really help to calm my skin which has been going through a crappy phase.

Item7. Laneige Water Sleeping pack – 22,000 KRW from 정은코스메틱

Ordered these for another cousin. It works well for her, but not for me.

Item 8. Tote bag in Tan – 11,000 KRW  from 아타샵

The colour was just like in the pictures. Material was rather thin but it’s still good for this price.


Yes! Am done with it! Sorry for the long post!

Before I end, I want to thank Gmarket for awarding me the 50,000 KRW gift certificate! This gives me another reason to shop on Gmarket again!

What should I get this time??


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  1. fabulous haul you got there! I wish the stuff on gmarket was readily availble. but the pens are so adorable! and i actually googled snsd lolli pens and indeed, they did pop up. but i really like the haul 🙂 everything looks amazing!

  2. please do a swatch and review of the it’s skin bb cream! i’m really interested in getting it but there are so few reviews on this

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