Oh! Happy Day!


The Naruko skincare products which I pre-ordered through Sunnanz finally came today! After 1 month of waiting! The postman even delivered it to my doorstep though I opted for normal mail. The package must have been too big for the mailbox. Heh.

Was quite disappointed when I saw this. The thin layer of wrapping tore rather badly and I really thank SingPost for taking the effort to re-pack it into a plastic bag.   🙂

Here are the items which I bought…

Somehow the packaging looks different from what I see on other blogs?? Oh no…I’m starting to doubt if I bought the real ones…  :X Anyway, the purple boxes behind are actually larger pieces of cotton pads which can be further divided into thinner layers for the DIY Lotion Mask as demonstrated by Chizu Saeki.

Shall update with reviews once I’ve tried these products.

You may wanna visit www.naruko.com.tw (in Chinese), or HopeInABlog’s post for more info on Naruko skincare products.


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