Awesome Lip Smackers!


Are you getting ready for the New Year?

Well, I haven’t. I’ll usually take some time to reflect on the old year and start to write New Year Resolutions a week before the New Year starts. But this year, I still haven’t got the time to sit down and reflect on how crappy this year was for me…

… … …

So anyway, remember the Paul Frank Lip Smackers that I was talking about in my previous post?

I went to get 2 tins just before Christmas and there happen to be a S$2 discount for every tin purchased. I bet they knew that I was gonna get those lip smackers, that’s why they had the discount (thinks too much, again). Heh.


They are too cute to resist! I wanted to keep one tin for myself but decided to give both away as Christmas presents and bought myself the other which comes with a cosmetic pouch. Btw, the coconut cream one smells kinda wierd.  :X


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