BB Cream: Tried & tested


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Blessed Holidays everyone!

I’m getting bored while waiting for my EMS parcel so I’m gonna list down all the BB creams which I’ve tried and tested these couple of years, it’s not an exhaustive list though…

In chronological order

1. L’egere White Multi Blemish Balm Cream (got my friend to bring this back from Taiwan in 2008 and then realised that it was also available in Singapore a few months after -.- )

I don’t know what came over me that time but I was super determined to get this after looking at the advertisement in Nu Ren Wo Zui Da’s magazine.

This was my first BB cream and I didn’t like it though I’ve read many good reviews. It made my face oily 😦

I know it’s time to bin this, but I still have got 3/4 left!! HOW??!! Any ideas on the other uses of BB cream besides applying it on the face?

2. Skin 79 Super Plus Beblesh Balm Triple Function (Hot Pink)

I admit that I got this on impulse while I was in Korea. I was checking out some other products at Watsons and then my eyes landed on this BB cream in hot pink packaging. In the corner of my mind, I remembered reading some pleasant reviews about it so I just had to get it.

I only used this once as my skin itched after I applied it. My face also became oily. What a disppointment.

3. Dr. Wu BB Cream (VC Skincare, UV Whitening Cream with AA2G (tinted))

Again, I bought this cuz I was swayed by this one review which I saw on the forum.

Developed by the dermatologist himself, Dr. Wu is quite a reputable brand in Taiwan.

True enough, the texture of this BB cream was really light and it did brighten my skin (a little) and it didn’t make my face itch. Yay! HOWEVER, coverage was sheer and there isn’t much oil control.

4. Silky Girl BB Cream in #1

My friend said that this was cheap and good so I bought it when John Little was having 20% off storewide. I like this BB cream’s texture and it also brightened my skin BUT it made my face itch. NOT AGAIN.

My skin is that fastidious.

And because of that, I’ve decided to only purchase retail size products only after I’ve tried the samples.

5. CU Skin Whitening & Wrinkle BB Cream

I’ve posted a review on this and it is still currently one of my favourite.

6. Innisfree Mineral BB Cream in #1

I’ve also done a review on this and it’s one of my fav BB cream too!

7. Holika Holika Aqua Petit BB Cream in #1

This is ranked the lowest on my BB cream list. I like the watery texture and cute packaging, but it was so watery to the extent that it dissolves so well in water and gets rubbed off the skin too easily. I’m not sure if this BB cream could be applied on its own (like what I did) cuz there’s also this Aqua Petit starter that was supposed to precede the application of the BB cream.

Anyway, the dissolving power of this BB cream in water amazes me and I doubt this could be used in summer. Besides, my skin reacted to this BB cream. Sigh.

8. Elisha Coy Always Triple BB

I’ve used this twice and so far, it has done a good job. The texture was light, although there wasn’t much oil-control. Coverage was sheer to medium. The major plus point was that my skin didn’t itch after blending. This makes its way to the top 3 on my BB cream list! *Applause* I’ll write a full review in time to come.

The road to finding THE BB cream is deifinitely an arduous one…

I’ve actually got a few more BB cream samples to try out. So I shall update again soon!

How about YOU? What’s your FAV BB Cream to date? 🙂


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