Time for some Brain Food


Just wanted to take a break from the usual reviews of skincare products.

Shady puzzles, anyone?

I’m sure many of us know and are even hooked on Sudoku ever since its debut some years back? I was, but not for long. heh. some were just unsolvable!! But how many have heard of Shady Puzzles?

For me, I only knew of this game a few months back when I saw my friend playing it.

If you’re thinking that it’s gonna be another boring puzzle game just because the name sounds boring, then you’re WRONG.

It is actually a MEGA FUN game!
Definitely not the usual jigsaw or crossword puzzle.

As the name suggests, you gotta do abit of shading. And it involves grids! Not that grids are fun, but shading grids is fun! Does that make sense? Haha!

Anyways, here’s it:

How to play?

The aim is to shade the correct squares according to the following guidelines (What??! Guidelines??!) :

1. Each number represents a continuous block of squares that need to be shaded in that row or column.

2. Each comma represents at least one empty square between two blocks of shaded squares in that row or column.

3. The first square of each row or column need not be shaded.

Extracted from mypaper(11 Nov2010, B10)

Confused? Here’s an example:

image credit: nineoverten.com

If you’re still confused, the best way is to just start playing!

You can get your daily dose of brain food at: http://shadypuzzle.com/ They also have an instruction page on their website. So, fret not!

For those residing in Singapore, you can always get a random puzzle on every Thursday’s mypaper (yeah, it’s that small booklet of  free newspaper).

Once you start, you can’t stop!! Seriously, I’m hooked to this game! And I think I got one of my friends hooked on it too! =P

Am done with their Easter and St Patrick’s Day edition and am contemplating to get their Shady Puzzles Book!

Yay! I love Shady Puzzles! ((:



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