Bioessence: Hydra Spa Energy (Complete Nourishing Sleeping Mask)


My skin is geared for yet another sleeping mask.

please excuse domokun's eye. heh.

I’m trying to clear the samples which I’ve gotten from various sources and this one? I got it from SGfreebee. Who doesn’t like freebies?! (sorry to reveal my auntie-ish character. Heh.)

Bioessence is a LOCAL brand, which I had a few encounters with. None of them were extremely pleasant. Not exaggerating here.

Why did I choose this sample then? I thought I’d just give it another chance to prove itself anyway.

Moreover, it’s a new range of products endorsed by Linda Chung!

photo credit:

She looks really gorgeous in the picture!!

Here’s the description:

Hydra SPA Energy Complete Nourishing Sleeping Mask is a light and refreshing sleeping mask that is enriched with minerals, botanical essence, Bio Energy Fluid, Tanaka tree bark essence, Angelica and herbal essence. It replenishes moisture, nourishes and repairs skin while you sleep. Apply an adequate amount before you seep and wake up to a new, revitalized, moisturized, youthful and brighter skin. Say goodbye to tired skin.

Everything sounds good except TANAKA.

TANAKA scares me!

Alright, maybe I should rephrase and say that TANAKA from Bioessence scares me.

I had quite an unpleasant experience from their TANAKA cream which caused irritation to my face…itch itch… TWO THUMBS down…

In case you do not know Tanaka (I’m not referring to the Japanese surname. duh. (-.-)):

Tanaka (also spelled as Thanaka) is a paste made from the bark of several trees grown in Myanmar. It’s the white thingy that most Myanmar women apply on their faces for whitening and sun protection.

So, back to the sleeping mask…

I still tore open the sachet anyway. The scent was similar to The Face Shop’s Ice Flower Range (which unfortunately irritated my skin).

Then I squeezed out a fair amount and was abit taken aback by the goo-ey texture. It was kinda sticky.

But I still managed to master my courage and slapped a thin layer of that gooey stuff on my face.

What followed was kinda expected.

It made my face sticky too…(-.-) YIKES!

And so, I had to wait for awhile for most of the stuff to be absorbed before getting to bed. Surprisingly, it didn’t cause any itch to my face.(My face still had a slightly sticky feeling when I head to bed.)

When I woke up the next morning, my face was quite oily, pores on my cheeks looked enlarged. Minus marks.

A good point about this sleeping mask? No signs of skin irritation, and my skin was definitely moisturized. Over-moisturized, I should say. The effects were similar to Laneige Sleeping Mask.

And NO, I won’t want to spend S$33.80 to get the retail size of this product.

Please give me the Baviphat Apple Sleeping Mask anytime!!!

Here’s the ingredient list of the Hydra Spa Energy sleeping mask:

P.S. I won’t be trying any more Bio-essence products except for the Deep Exfoliating Gel recommended by Berry Mii. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hope that it will work for me!


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