Holika Holika Egg Soap


As mentioned in my previous post, I was really glad that one of Holika Holika’s bestseller finally landed in my house! It appeared smaller than expected though.

To show the actual size of the egg, a lil’ smaller than the size of my palm.

This egg soap is quite popular in Thailand. As with usual soaps, it lathers very well. The smell was fresh and soothing. The first few times I used it, my skin was squeaky clean but not tight. It did made my skin a little drier with continuous usage, as compared to using my Eucerin Gentle Gel Cleanser. So I’ve decided to only use this when my skin goes crazy with its sebum production and becomes excessively oily. It worked well with some people having combi skin though. Given the rate that I’m using it, one soap will last a longgg time for me. So I might be selling the other one away (stay tuned to my sale list).

Did it live up to its name in clearing blackheads?

I would say a YES. It did help a little in reducing the appearance of blackheads while I was using it daily, and it was able to make my face squeaky clean minus the tightness. So I’ll give this a 3.5 out of 5. I wanted to give it a 4 but it made my skin a little drier. Moreover, I had a minor storage problem with the soap. Heh.


I got it from iheartkoreanbeauty at S$18 for a box of 2.

Most of  Holika Holika products have really nice, princessey yet gothic kind of packaging. But I doubt I’ll be getting the other Holika Holika products any time soon although the plumping heart lifting cream sounds promising.

To end, Holika Holika is endorsed by CN Blue!

p.s. the postman, or rather, postlady just delivered the payeasy stuff which my sis and i ordered! (Y)


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  1. i’ve been lemming for this soap! they now have new “flavours” too! green tea, charcoal, and red clay. I really need to get my hands on this. thanks fro the thorough reveiw!

  2. Hi, lub so much on your review on holika egg soap. I got myself one set of white egg soap too… But one can really last long. I hope to sell the other one away. Any one interested? 🙂 contact me at inlubkorea@live.com.sg

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