Innisfree Mineral Skin BB Cream


Never heard of Innisfree? Well, I only came to know this brand while I was in Korea last year when the students from Hong Kong were raving about it. Even then, it didn’t really appeal to me. I only entered the shop like twice? The first time was when I wanted to check for this green tea cleanser which I didn’t manage to get it while I was at O’Sulloc Tea Garden in Jeju. So apparently, part of Innisfree’s green tea line came from the the green tea plantation in Jeju! However, the cleanser wasn’t available at the outlets in Seoul. Wierd or what? Anyway, I’m glad that I didn’t get to buy it cuz my friend passed hers to me (she got it in Jeju), as it didn’t help with her oily skin type.  And it turned out that it didn’t help my complicated skin type as well! But since Innisfree was highly raved, I must get something! So in the end, I got some sunscreen and as usual, some random samples chucked into a paper bag.

It wasn’t until recently that I discovered that I actually have a Mineral BB cream sample together with that Innisfree purchase.

This BB cream sample definitely came at the right time as I’m still on my quest in finding THE RIGHT ONE!

Moreover, it’s a M-I-N-E-R-A-L BB CREAM!! And mineral means my skin is able to ‘breathe’. So it OUGHTA be good, right??!

I was actually a little hesitant about the results cuz of the disappointment from their green tea cleanser. But I still went ahead to try it anyway.

I got mine in shade No.1. From what I know, there are 2 shades to this BB cream.


Comparing the shade to the other BB creams that I have. It has a more beige-y undertone compared to CU Skin which is more pink-ish. Dr. WU’s is like yellow??


This shade was definitely lighter than my skin colour. The consistency was not as thick as CUSkin’s, making it easier to blend. Another plus point, it didn’t make my nose flake nor make my sensitive skin itch! Yay! After some blending, it did brighten up my dull face like the CUSkin BB Cream! Besides, it wasn’t too white to make me look as if I am gonna perform some wayang. And it did conceal a few pimple scars and lighten my dark circles! I believe there are some moisturising properties in this BB cream which gives a dewy finish, hence, there isn’t much oil control. I think this will be more suitable for dry skin, or combi skin. Oh! And did I mention that it has SPF of 40, PA++??

I’ll give this a 4 out of 5 and I’m adding this to my top 5 BB cream until I find a better one which is good for my dehyrated but oily and sensitive skin (complicated eh?).


Here’s some info if you’re thinking of getting the retail size:

From conventional sources like eBay or Gmarket. I believe there are quite a few local blogshops selling it. iheartkoreanbeauty is also having a pre-order on all Korean brands till 14Nov. You may wanna check it out HERE.


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