Baviphat – Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Mask


The items which I ordered from iheartkoreanbeauty came sometime last week.

Zhen was indeed generous with her samples! In case you’re wondering, I only ordered the Holika Holika egg soap (which seemed alot smaller than in the pic, heh), and the Tony Moly travel sized Expert Triple BB Cream!! Thanks Zhen! 🙂

I decided to try Baviphat’s Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Mask first as it’s a sleeping mask and the packaging is too cute for me to resist. Besides, it’s said to Relieve Troubled Skin + Keratin removal + Hydrates Skin. I’ve read reviews about it aiding in the healing of acne and I felt that my skin was ready to try that as I have a couple of zits waiting to pop, and a chronic one which refuses to heal (i’m so gonna zap you with laser if you don’t go away!)

The first thing I noticed when I tore open the satchet? The smell is OH-SO-GOOD. It made me wanna eat it! I applied a thin layer of the mask after applying tea tree oil on my zits, wait for a while for most of it to be absorbed, before going to bed. A sample satchet was good for 4 applications.

How was it?

I would say that it did calm my zits a little (didn’t appear that red) and it was a good night moisturizer for my skin! My face didn’t look oily and pores didn’t appear enlarged when I woke up in the morning, unlike the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack which I have stopped using for quite some time. Besides, my sensitive skin seems to like this yummy fruit mask, and didn’t create new acne problems for me. I would give this a 4 out of 5 at this moment while I get a full size to try it for a longer period of time.

I can’t wait to try their Strawberry Detoxifying Mask!

Other Baviphat products that I wanna try?

-the apple lip scrub!

BTW, Baviphat is endorsed by FT Island 🙂 and Beyonce!


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