CU Skin BB Cream


The first post from an amateur beauty junkie, inspired by the numerous beauty product reviews that she has read.

Having seen many good reviews on CU Skin Whitening & Repair BB Cream, I was really tempted to get the retail size. But it was rather expensive (S$65). Not wanting to risk it in buying something that won’t work on my sensitive skin, I decided to get a sample first. Was really happy to see that the sample is actually available on TheSampleStore! Saved me the hassle of going down to the nearest Living Pharmacy 🙂

So here’s the sample which I got:

By the way, I didn’t know that CU Skin is actually a Korean brand until I googled it.
CU Skin is developed by medical doctors and skin specialists in Korea based on many years of clinical research. The products they develop actually aims to improve every individual’s skin conditions. Sounds really pro and good!

Alright! Tested it on my hand first…

I was slightly disappointed initially because the BB cream was abit thicker than the Dr Wu’s which I was using.
So it took some time to spread it out evenly. The beigey pinkish tone was desirable though. 🙂

After spreading it out…

Before and after….

Not much difference eh? But it did cover abit of my sickly green veins(left) and gave a healthy pink finish(might be due to excessive rubbing).

How did it work on my face??

Well, I must say, the results were more obvious when I applied it on my face. It covered my dark circles pretty well. Not completely, partly because my dark circles is quite serious. But it was still better than the Dr Wu’s which I was using (Dr Wu’s was more moisturizing with sheer coverage). It also covered some of my pimple scars, and the redness on cheeks.
I didn’t apply any moisturizer or sunblock before this, so there were some parts of my  face which flaked (my fault!) after spreading. It definitely brightened up my dull skin and gave a matte finish! Woo! For an instant, I looked as if I had THE korean skin!(thinks too much… -.-)
Oil control was okay though. It would be good to follow up with loose powder.
The best thing of it all was that it didn’t clog my pores! No break-outs or whatsoever. (Y)

So, YES! I’m giving this BB Cream 2 thumbs-up!
I’ll most likely be purchasing this when I’m done with Dr Wu’s! Hope to see improvement in my skin condition with prolonged use! 🙂
Oh, do note that this BB Cream doesn’t have SPF, so we’ll need to put on a layer of sunscreen first. Yup!

You can get your free CUSkin samples from TheSampleStore
The Living Pharmacy by Unity NTUC Healthcare outlets
get a Trial Set from at $3.00 for any 5 CU Skin samples in the list with free mailing!

The BB cream got me really excited about CU Skin products! I’ve already ordered a Trial Set from Dione International consisting of their whitening cream and moisturizer. Will review them when I get my hands on it!


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